Monday, November 17, 2014

The Who (featuring Roger & Pete) EXCELLENT CONCERT!

Can you believe it!? The Who is on tour! And judging from the concerts here in the States, even without John and Keith, the tour was AMAZING! A lot of people probably think, well, it's just Roger and Pete. They are not REALLY The Who from when they were at the peak. But that just isn't true! Roger sounds great and Pete can still do the Windmill. It's hard not to reflect and think back of a time when but all that is put behind you when you see these guys still doing their thing as if it is the BEST thing in the world! They must be taking cues from Paul McCartney. And the money must not be too bad. It's not like they need it...or do they? This may be your last time to see The Who is on tour! and that is why this opportunity to get your tickets for any of their shows is now available.

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