Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Don't You Just Love A Good Cup of Coffee?

Here is one place where you could get Coffee & More at what I would call excellent prices to reasonable. I am a BIG coffee drinker. I mean, like seven cups a day. I don't know where I would be if there was not coffee for, yes, I am a slave to it! And from what I can see, so are a lot of other people. Who is the coffee drinker with discernable tastes? What is the best brand? Oh, there are several different brands from just about everywhere because here you will see Coffee & More. So much so, it may seem overwhelming but it isn't really. When you know what you love it shouldn't be hard choice for you to know where to look and buy coffee for your specific desires. Me, personally, the stronger the better. I like the Bustelo brand, that is my TOP CHOICE! However, I also enjoy the gourmet coffees as well. The one thing I do want to get before 2014 comes to a close is an espresso maker. I happened to see one very nice one at this site, Coffee & More just the other day and I feel like I want to purchase it. It's not even as expensive as I thought it would be so I think I am going to put my order in today. When you have time, why don't you browse around and see what you like and taste the natural goodness of a fresh cup of coffee.

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