Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Brooklyn NY Is THE Place To Be...

TicketLiquidator and is it any wonder? There was a time people were afraid to come there. This was years ago, however, but now all sorts of area of the boro are being swept clean and making room for new comers who experience NY in a new way. It appears to be the new melting pot with room being made for Hollywood, as well. They also have the brand new Barclay's Center which is in heart of Brooklyn and there are show after shows being sold out drawing HUGE venues that might not have even thought about coming to that area. But again, the area has been done over and people from all over are discovering it in a new way. Come see the Nets play. Come see your favorite bands play. Or your favorite rappers, whatever you want to see, it's there. See what is going on there for the evening if you want something to do. Get out and see. TicketLiquidator

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