Wednesday, July 26, 2017

GIBRALTAR, 50 pounds, 1986, P-24, QEII, CV=$310, UNC

Here's another great BANKNOTE from GIBRALTAR that you are going to want to own.

You see how young Queen Elizabeth was. And collectors are snatching this one up! GET YOURS NOW!

Falkland Islands, 1 pound, 1977, QEII, P-8c, UNC

This is another one of my personal favorite BANKNOTES from the FALKLAND ISLANDS

And don't let the idea of it being worth 1 pound fool you. It's worth MUCH more than that. Come and see the details on this great collector's item.

Faeroe Islands, 500 Kronur, (ND) 2004, P-27, UNC > crab

Have you ever heard of a BANKNOTE from FAEROE ISLANDS?

No worries. Now that you have, take note that it is definitely going to be one of those banknotes that you MUST HAVE IN YOUR COLLECTION!


GIBRALTAR 100 pounds 2015 (2017) QEII New Polymer UNC > Commemorative 100 years

A 100 Pound BANKNOTE from GIBRALTER is what collectors want!

The intricate design and it is a commemorative banknote makes this uncirculated pound from Gibraltar one of my personal favorites! This is one you should add to your collection as well.

Scotland Royal Bank, 50 pounds, 2005, P-366, UNC > Commemorative only 20K issued

This BANKNOTE from the SCOTLAND ROYAL BANK has watchers!

There are those which stand out. This is one of them. Only 20 thousand of these were ever issued and that is what makes them one of the favorite of banknote collector's worldwide! GET YOURS...ONLY 2 AVAILABLE!

Switzerland, 1000 (1,000) Franken, 1971, P-52 (52j) VF

Now THIS is the one BANKNOTE from SWITZERLAND that you should look into!

This one banknote is a collectors dream! If you can get your hand on one, GRAB IT IMMEDIATELY!

Scotland 100 pounds 2007, ZZ prefix, P-128, UNC > Rare Replacement

Here's another BANKNOTE from SCOTLAND that you are going to want to own!

The front and back. Only 2 more left. One of them is yours! 

Uncirculated, no folds or creases, no pinholes or paper splits, fully embossed, full original colors.  S/Ns vary.