Monday, July 31, 2017

Dallas ☆ Cowboys Super Bowl Championship NFL Mens Blue Tungsten Ring NEW

Very nice, right!?

...Also scroll down and see the other team rings they have.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Apple iPhone 7 PLUS 128GB (PRODUCT) RED & All Other Colors – Brand New USA Model

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Seeing if this works...just ONE!

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Gold 101 | Beginners Guide to Buying Gold Coins

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

GIBRALTAR, 50 pounds, 1986, P-24, QEII, CV=$310, UNC

Here's another great BANKNOTE from GIBRALTAR that you are going to want to own.

You see how young Queen Elizabeth was. And collectors are snatching this one up! GET YOURS NOW!

Falkland Islands, 1 pound, 1977, QEII, P-8c, UNC

This is another one of my personal favorite BANKNOTES from the FALKLAND ISLANDS

And don't let the idea of it being worth 1 pound fool you. It's worth MUCH more than that. Come and see the details on this great collector's item.

Faeroe Islands, 500 Kronur, (ND) 2004, P-27, UNC > crab

Have you ever heard of a BANKNOTE from FAEROE ISLANDS?

No worries. Now that you have, take note that it is definitely going to be one of those banknotes that you MUST HAVE IN YOUR COLLECTION!


GIBRALTAR 100 pounds 2015 (2017) QEII New Polymer UNC > Commemorative 100 years

A 100 Pound BANKNOTE from GIBRALTER is what collectors want!

The intricate design and it is a commemorative banknote makes this uncirculated pound from Gibraltar one of my personal favorites! This is one you should add to your collection as well.

Scotland Royal Bank, 50 pounds, 2005, P-366, UNC > Commemorative only 20K issued

This BANKNOTE from the SCOTLAND ROYAL BANK has watchers!

There are those which stand out. This is one of them. Only 20 thousand of these were ever issued and that is what makes them one of the favorite of banknote collector's worldwide! GET YOURS...ONLY 2 AVAILABLE!

Switzerland, 1000 (1,000) Franken, 1971, P-52 (52j) VF

Now THIS is the one BANKNOTE from SWITZERLAND that you should look into!

This one banknote is a collectors dream! If you can get your hand on one, GRAB IT IMMEDIATELY!

Scotland 100 pounds 2007, ZZ prefix, P-128, UNC > Rare Replacement

Here's another BANKNOTE from SCOTLAND that you are going to want to own!

The front and back. Only 2 more left. One of them is yours! 

Uncirculated, no folds or creases, no pinholes or paper splits, fully embossed, full original colors.  S/Ns vary.

Scotland, Clydesdale Bank, 20 pounds, 2015, P-New, UNC > ZZ REPLACEMENT

How about this BANKNOTE from SCOTLAND?

Might this be the one you are looking for? There was a time when there were plenty of them. Then they ran out and it looks like they have this one JUST WAITING FOR YOU! Come and see the details for yourself.

Malta, 1 Pound, L. 1949 (1951), KGVI, P-22, UNC

Come and see this classic uncirculated pound from the isle MALTA

This is not something you see everyday and some places have it marked up even higher but here it is decently priced so you are getting a good deal. ORDER IT BEFORE THEY ARE GONE!

Mexico, 1000 Pesos, 2007, Pick 127-New, UNC

Come and see this BANKNOTE from MEXICO!

This is one of the most popular pesos from Mexico that collectors are always looking for and you can now find it right here! Order yours now!


Monday, July 24, 2017

Cayman Islands, $10, L. 1974 (1985), P-7a, A/1, QEII, UNC

Here is something that surprised me. This BANKNOTE from the CAYMEN ISLANDS!

Look at the Queen...when she was young. Nice banknote to own if you can find. This note is

Uncirculated, no folds or creases, no pinholes or paper splits, fully embossed, full original colors. 


Sweden, 1000 Kronor, 1991, P-60, Ch. UNC

Come and see this BANKNOTE from SWEDEN!

One of my personal favorites. Come and see it.

No folds, no creases, no pinholes, no paper splits, original paper, full original colors. Minor storage evidence, ink transfer.
Grade: Choice Uncirculated (minor storage evidence)

Huge Collection of RARE World Replacement Banknotes


You are going to have to inquire about this. But I would imagine that it I worth its asking price. COME SEE!

Algeria, 50 Dinars, 1964, P-124, Ch. UNC > First Post Collonial

Check out this DINAR BANKNOTE from ALGERIA!

Again, very interested Middle Eastern investors. You should GRAB IT!

Original paper, full original colors, no pinholes, no paper splits, no folds, no creases.

Grade: Choice Uncirculated (Minor storage evidence, foxing) 

SPECIMEN, Reunion, 500 Francs, ND (1947), Pick 46, UNC

Again, another banknote that no one would ever really know existed...unless you are a huge collector.
And that is why they are so VALUABLE.

You also may have noticed that some of these 'specimen' notes are sometimes worth even more than the British pound that are equally of the same year! CHECK OUT THIS BEAUTIFUL NOTE!

Libya, 10 Dinar, ND (1971), P-37a, Ch. UNC > Scarce

Look at this BANKNOTE from LIBYA!

When you think about everything that country has been through, you might find it even harder to find its currency in circulation. This is a HUGE favorite with Middle East collectors. Only 3 more available as of this posting.


Specimen Set, Namibia, 10;50;100 Dollars (1993), P-1s-2s-3s, UNC > First Issue

Love this! Check out this BANKNOTE SET from NAMBIA!

While those of us in America would be surprised, there are those who are REAL collectors who look for this type of thing. FIRST ISSUES are the ones that are usually worth the most.

SET Saint Pierre and Miquelon, 5;10;20 Francs, ND (1950), P-22-23-24, UNC

This is the one set you should want to own!
Check it out!

You just don't see these anymore? That is why the price is what it is. Only two more left.

No folds, no creases, no pinholes or paper splits, full original colors, sharp corners, fully and strongly embossed
Grade: Uncirculated

France, 50 francs, 1976, P-148 (148f), PMG-66, EPQ, Gem UNC

Check out this

You are going to want to take a closer look. Come and see this now and make your purchase.

Starting 2002 France no longer issued its own currency.  It is now part of the Euro system.
Grade: Gem Uncirculated

Costa Rica 50000 (50,000) 2009 (2012), P-279, UNC > Butterflies

Look at this amazing

The details are unlike anything I have ever seen! This is the one banknote you are going to want own. COME AND SEE it for yourselves.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Guernsey 50 Pounds, ND (1994), P-59, QEII, Gem UNC > Highest Denom

All these BANKNOTES that you see are Uncirculated, no folds or creases, no pinholes or paper splits, fully embossed, sharp corners, colorful.

Here is something interesting to know: Guernsey is a British crown dependency with population of 59,000 people.  Guernsey pound is freely exchangable to British pound on 1 for 1 basis.  

Mauritius, 2000 rupees, 1999, P-55, UNC > Highest Denom

Ok, apparently this BANKNOTE had a few buyers and they are down to the last one and if you are fortunate, you'll be the one who gets it.

Crisp banknote, full original colors, sharp corners, no pinholes, no paper splits, no folds, no creases, no counting bends.

SET Azerbaijan, 1;5;10;20;50;100 Manat 2005-2009 (2010) P-27-28-29-30-31-32 UNC

Here is a set collection of BANKNOTES that you are going to be excited by! This is pretty recent and definitely something you are going to want to add to your collection.

Original paper, sharp corners, full original colors. Crisp banknotes, no pinholes or paper splits, no folds, no creases.

Netherlands Antilles, 250 Gulden, 1986 P-27 CV=$550 UNC

Here is another interesting BANKNOTE that you ought to investigate and decide that you want to add it to your collection.

French Pacific Territories 10000 (10,000) Francs ND (1985) P-4, Ch. UNC

Clearly one can see ones fascination with international BANKNOTES because the ones you see here you won't find anywhere else online. They have quite the extensive offering from rare to extremely rare.

You should see the detail on this!

TNT AC/DC with lyrics


Madagascar, 50 Francs ND (1937) P-38, Ch. UNC

The only time you might have heard of this country is from the cartoon but there is nothing cartoonish about this very rare currency and that is why this BANKNOTE is worth every bit of its asking price. Come and see why.

Iran, 20 Rials, (1944), P-41, WWII aUNC > Shah Pahlavi, Scarce

With everything that has been going on in that country makes this even more of a collector's item. It is considered to be rare. If you are looking for a great deal on BANKNOTES, this is the place you want make all your purchases from. Come and see the details.

Algeria, 50 Francs, 1945, P-87, WWII aUNC

Here is an interesting BANKNOTE that you might be really surprised by.

And it's waiting here for you. Come and see this and the other great choices they have.

SPECIMEN, Reunion, 1000 Francs, ND (1947), Pick 47 UNC

This particular BANKNOTE is worth taking a look at and seeing why it is worth the purchase.

Some that you see here will be very, very rare. Perhaps, even countries you've never even heard of which makes it that more interesting. That is why if you are a collector of these items, this is the one place you won't mind investing your time and money. See the details here!

Ireland Northern, First Trust Bank, 100 pounds, 1998, P-139b, UNC > Armada

People are fascinated with BANKNOTES and people from all of the world are finding out that this is a good business to get into. Here's something that is brand new and is definitely worth you taking a look at.

Come and see the full details on this and the many others that are on display here.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Apple iPhone 7 32GB GSM Unlocked Smartphone Multi Colors


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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

DJI Phantom 3 Professional with 4K Video (DJI Refurbished Unit)


$100 Shell Gas Gift Card - Mail Delivery MOST WANTED GASOLINE + MORE!

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Sunday, July 16, 2017


10Japanese Woodblock Print

The Library of Congress released over 2,500 archived, Japanese prints into the public domain. Collectors spark searches for originals, reproductions and books about this part of Japanese art history.
vintage japanese woodblock print, Mid...
Vintage Yoshimoto Gesso Japanese...
Kawase Hasui "Karikachi Mountian..



The new movie Spider-Man: Homecoming debuted in the top spot. The Web Slinger made an impact on the movie-going audience and searches are on the upswing for comic collectibles.
Kaiyodo Revoltech SPIDER MAN Movie..
SPIDERMAN vtg 1977 Marvel...
Spider-Man Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man..


08Keith Urban Guitar

Riding high from his performance at the CMT Music Awards and a hit single with Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban hits the road for his own summer tour. Fans boost searches.
Keith Urban Deluxe Player Solid Body...
Keith Urban Electric Guitar
Nice Keith Urban Phoenix LP style...


07Galaxy Note FE

Samsung will launch the Galaxy Note FE globally later this month. Early adopters spark searches.
Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition...
Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 7 FE...
Samsung Galaxy Note FE FAN...


06Game of Thrones

Winter is coming. Game of Thrones’ new season begins soon. Fans search for all things Iron Throne related.
Game Of Thrones T Shirt Stark House...
OFFICIAL Game Of Thrones T Shirts...
Game of Thrones Black Top Tees...


05Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift and Touch controllers have been discounted. Virtual reality gamers search for real world deals.
Brand New Sealed Oculus Rift Virtual...
NEW Oculus - Rift
Virtual Reality...
Oculus Rift CV1 -Virtual Reality...