Friday, November 28, 2014

...And The Ladies Are Gonna Love It

Click Here What do ladies think of more than ANYTHING? What is the ONE thing that they can not do without? It's in their DNA to want and NEED this one particular item: SHOES! Men don't get it. Even gay men can not relate to a woman's fascination with shoes! Oh, but they can. And, in most cases, it would seem that the first thing a lady might notice is one's shoes. I know of a time when me and a friend were walking down a street in Manhattan and a lady happened to notice the shoes she was wearing. She didn't even say hello. The first words that lady said was, 'Nice shoes!' Hahaha. I did not think it was weird but it made me take notice that women actually LOVE shoes. Maybe it's just one of those things us guys will never really be able to figure out or complete understand: A woman's shoes ARE her life! Just ask Imelda Marcos. She had 3000 pairs of shoes! True story. So when you are looking for everyday deals, this is the one place for you to shop Click Here

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