Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Lord of the Rings: Motion Picture Trilogy Blu-ray (Special Extended Edition)

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Tolkien’s fantasy uncompromisingly comes to life in the “Lord of the Rings: Extended Trilogy”. Frodo’s epic journey to destroy the One Ring is narrated through the three films of “Lord of the Rings: Extended Trilogy”. In the “Lord of the Rings: Extended Trilogy”, minor characters and bridge scenes have been fleshed out, enriching the fantasy further. The almost two hours of the footage that have been added makes the story clearer as each film flows smoothly into the next. With blu-ray disc technology, you get to see the perils on the way to Mordor and the phenomenal battles against Sauron’s and Saruman’s minions, in HD with DTS Master Audio sound. What’s more, this blu-ray disc is packed with unbelievable features like an Interactive map of Middle Earth and the development of the script from the book.
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