Thursday, August 16, 2012

NEW!! Stainless Steel Electronic Cigarette "Smooth Roller"

This is now available on my eBay site:

Just this once, it’s okay to be a quitter! This e-cigarette is a breath of fresh air, giving you an opportunity to give-up smoking forever. Its silky smooth vapor combines with a nicotine cartridge releasing a smooth artificial smoke, void of tar, second hand smoke and other carcinogenic substances. Included in the design is that all important and reassuring burning crackle from its red LED light, making this your way out of addiction in style and with an incredibly realistic cigarette. Made up of two parts; a liquid nicotine cartridge and an Atomizing unit with built-in 180mAh battery, this gives you up to 300 puffs equaling about 10 real cigarettes and with 5 nicotine cartridges included, it will be a while before you need to stock up.

At a Glance...

  • Smooth Silky Vaporous Smoke, free from Carcinogens
  • Fashionable Stainless Steel Design for social or private situations
  • Tastes, smells and feels just like a real cigarette
  • Tar free so you can avoid the health risks connected to Tar inhalation
  • 5 Nicotine Cartridges included


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