Friday, August 31, 2012

Fashionable Compact GSM Remote High-Definition Security Camera w/ Nightvision + Motion Detection

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GSM Remote Security Camera with Nightvision + Motion Detection (Red)--- allows you keep a close eye on your home to see who is invading your private study or lurking around in your office at any time.

This GSM security remote camera comes sturdy built, which is made up of strong molded ABS plastic, high tech internal components, 8 LED's with an (IR) infrared sensor, a motion detection sensor along with onboard MIC and speaker. Best of all, with its innovative technological advantage of motion detection and night vision capability, you are assured of always being able to have a clear MMS image send to your cellphone, and receive alerts once the motion detection feature automatically activates.

At a Glance...

  • GSM security camera
  • Nightvision
  • Motion detection sensor
  • Infrared sensor with 8 LED's
  • Built-in lithium rechargeable battery>
  • 2 installation options, stand alone (portable) or wall mounted

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