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How we work?

We empower people to find jobs they love, and make the process easy and efficient. Sign up here by creating a profile that outlines your career experience and skills. From there, we’ll review your profile and if approved, you’ll be invited to join our marketplace where you’ll receive interview requests from exciting, pre-vetted employers. Not only is FREE for all candidates, but we'll actually send you a $1,000 bonus for using us to find your new job!

Why should I consider using you?

Unlike traditional job searches, we bring the companies to you, giving greater exposure to a variety of opportunities at high caliber companies than you would have through any other means. You will get unmatched transparency around things like salary, equity and bonuses and are able to compare offers concurrently so you can make your next career move with confidence. What’s more, you’ll be paired with a dedicated Talent Advocate whose sole goal is to help you find the right job, not to make commission or meet quotas.

What kind of jobs are you hiring for?

Companies come to us to help find candidates for hard-to-hire tech and sales roles like engineers, UX/UI designers, data scientists, account executives and account managers. In addition, companies come to us to find candidates for marketing jobs, including public relations, product marketing, content marketing, and paid marketing roles, as well as freelance jobs.

We place entry level job seekers all the way up to C-level execs, although our sweet spot is in the two to eight years of experience range. We’ll be expanding into a variety of industries and job categories in the future, and hope to ultimately be the place all knowledge workers go to find a job they love.

What markets do you serve?

We place candidates across the U.S., including the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Denver, Austin, Chicago, New York, Boston, and Washington D.C. We’re also expanding internationally, placing candidates in Toronto, Paris, Sydney, Melbourne and London. We plan to be in 30 markets worldwide by the end of this year. If you live outside of our key markets and are willing to relocate, we encourage you to try us out!

If I join your marketplace, what kind of time commitment am I looking at?

For top candidates, participating in our marketplace can be time intensive. We recommend that you hold off on any additional job searching during those 1 - 4 weeks to ensure you have the bandwidth to pursue all relevant opportunities offered on  our platform. Most of the interest from companies happens during the first week, and for each interview request received, plan for multiple interview rounds. It will involve a non-trivial amount of preparation, phone and programming time to make it through each job process - as well as onsite interviews that sometimes require taking a day off from your current job. If at any point you feel your bandwidth is stretched too thin, speak with your Talent Advocate, and they can help you prioritize and organize your interview schedule to make it more manageable.

I am looking to transition into a development or technical role from a non-technical specialty, can you help me?

We are not a great platform for inexperienced talent. You won’t likely find your first job through us, but you might find your second! Given the competitiveness in our marketplace, candidates must have a defined and proven skill set in one of the job categories we support - tech, sales and/or marketing -  in order to be admitted to our marketplace.

How long will it take for my profile to be reviewed?

Once you submit your completed profile, you can expect a response within seven business days.

What is your approval process for candidates and companies?

Both candidates and companies are vetted before inclusion in the marketplace. Candidates must have a complete profile and demonstrable skills for a high-demand role. Companies must be venture backed or publicly traded, and be willing to provide compensation and role details in the offers they make on our platform.

When will employers be able to see my profile?

Once you have received and accepted an invite to our marketplace, your profile will go live starting at 6:00am PT the following Monday. Your profile will then be visible until midnight on Sunday, up to two weeks following your profile going live. At that point your profile will no longer be visible on our marketplace. Your current and former employers will be blocked from viewing your profile.

I wasn’t approved. Why didn’t they accept my profile?

There are a number of reasons why your profile might not be approved, however, the most common occurrence is we don’t have a large enough demand for jobs that match your skillset. We are continuing to expand into new categories and markets around the world, so in the event you aren’t approved to our marketplace right off the bat, we encourage you to check back down the road.

How does your curation process work?

Our marketplace is built off of a combination of technology and human curation, which determines who gets featured on our platform. Our proprietary algorithms help us automatically identify certain individuals for acceptance or rejection from the platform. After that, our curation team, which is largely made up of former university admissions officers, screens each individual's application to determine whether they will be a good fit based on what skillsets are in demand for the companies we work with.

What types of companies can I expect to hear from for interview requests?

In the event there is a job opportunity that fits your skillset, you’ll be hearing from a variety of companies that are either venture backed and/or publicly traded. Each company will provide upfront compensation and role details in the offers they make to you on our platform.

If I accept an interview request, will I still be visible to other employers in the marketplace?

Yes, your profile is visible for the entirety of your time in the marketplace regardless of how many interview requests you accept. Accepting an interview request is non-binding, and only indicates your mutual interest in the company. Typically the next step is a phone screening to see if there is a potential fit. There is no pressure to interview subsequent rounds. Ideally, you will receive multiple interview requests allowing you to begin the interview process with several companies to find the best fit for you.

If I decline an interview request but change my mind, how do I re-engage with the company?

It never hurts to accept an interview requests unless you are 100% sure you have no interest. You can always change your mind after a first conversation. If it is simply a question of compensation or role, you can reply to the request with your questions before agreeing to schedule the first interview. If you declined an offer and realize it was a mistake, reach out to your Talent Advocate and they can reverse the response for you.

Should I wait until the end of my 1 - 4 weeks on the marketplace to accept or decline interview requests?

If you receive an interview request from a company that you like, you should accept it immediately. Accepting only means that you will start the formal interview process with the company. You can still consider other opportunities as they come up. Waiting longer than 72 hours to accept an interview request is not recommended; most companies consider multiple candidates for the same role, and you don’t want to be left behind.

What happens after I accept an interview request?

Each company is slightly different in how they interview, and interviews vary by technical and non-technical roles. However, all of them do some sort of skills vetting and in-person meeting. For technical candidates, skills vetting takes the form of coding exercises, whiteboarding / collaborative code editing or review of past code samples. For sales candidates, skills vetting may be a take home assignment or mock pitch. For the onsite meeting, some companies will bring you in immediately to meet the team and some will do a few phone calls first before having you in.

How long does it take to actually get a job?

As long as your schedule lines up with the company you’re interviewing with, on average it takes 20 business days for an interview request to turn into a final paper offer, though some companies move faster or slower. Freelance opportunities generally take much less time, as some final offers are made within one or two interview rounds.

I like the company but the upfront offer is too low, what should I do?

If the offer is in the right ballpark (within 20%) and the company is of interest to you, go ahead and accept the offer. Upfront offers are non-binding and can be negotiated before a final paper offer is presented. Many companies may adjust their final offer based on your skills as revealed throughout the interview process.

My current company uses Hired. Will they be able to see my profile?

We actively hide your profile from any current or former employers. We also have a feature that allows you to hide yourself from other employers from whom you want to conceal your job search.

After my 1 - 4 weeks are up on your marketplace, can I join again?

Typically, we only allow each candidate to participate in our marketplace once per job search. If there are extenuating circumstances, we will consider including you in a subsequent marketplace round. The Hired platform is very active, so if you did not receive a lot of interest the first time around, you may not be a fit for the needs of our marketplace at the current time. Given the highly curated nature of our platform, we only have a limited number of spots for candidates and thus give priority to new candidates that have yet to experience the marketplace.

How do I collect my $1,000 bonus?

You are eligible for the $1,000 bonus from within 120 days of starting your new job. To receive your bonus, please coordinate your Talent Advocate directly, letting them know you were hired! For freelance candidates, you are eligible for your $1,000 bonus after 500 hours of work.

Are there any freelance, temporary or telecommute opportunities?

Yes, we have freelance opportunities on here; more details are available here. Our freelance opportunities are primarily geared towards experienced developers and designers who prefer to work on a contract basis, both part and full-time. Some remote-only opportunities are available, however, job seekers who prefer to work onsite find the most success using our platform.

Are there companies that sponsor work visas?

About 70% of our companies will transfer work visas - typically an H1-B, O-1, E3 or TN visa. If you currently have one of those work authorizations or other transferable U.S. work visa such as an EAD, a substantial portion of our employers can sponsor you. If you are not currently in the U.S., hold a non-transferable visa like a B1, L1 or J1, or have an expiring / nonrenewable visa we will not be able to include you in our marketplace at this time.

What happens with the contacts I share with you?

If you upload your address book contacts and contact information, we will store your contact information on our servers indefinitely. We may use this information to make it easier for you to send referral invites. We may also use this information to find employers where you have contacts who may support and assist your job efforts and as otherwise set forth in our Privacy Policy. Note that we hide your profile from your current employer, and we have a feature that allows you to hide yourself from other employers from whom you want to conceal your job search. You may notify us at any time that you wish to remove any or all of your contacts from our servers by notifying us in accordance with Section 9 of the Privacy Policy or from your Integrations page.


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