Sunday, September 25, 2016

VIPERTEK VTS-880 60 MV Rechargeable Police Mini Stun Gun + Taser Case

Don't wait for an incident to happen and you don't have some sort of protection. Ladies, listen up. Guys, you, too. This is a very DANGEROUS world we live in and people are angry about any everything and they want to make YOU, yes, you, their TARGET and I ain't talking about their store.

With over 16,000 sold (and growing!), people are becoming more and more aware of the options that they have available. Not everyone can afford to carry legal firearms but this is legal and a lot of people have them. It's very small but can carry a lot of power in just one zap. That should allow your attacker to back off and you make your escape.

This is something no one should be without. Very affordable. Come see the other colors they have. CLICK HERE!

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