Sunday, May 1, 2016


Click here! As we have had many requests to offer "only pre-1965 silver coinage" from this large hoard and to skip the nickel and copper coins, we are answering with this fantastic offer! This is exactly the same full half pound groups that many buyers have enjoyed over the past year or so, often finding many rare and high grade coins from this same hoard! The only difference here is for these lots, I will instruct my helpers to pull out all non-silver coins so that each and every group via this offering will contain ONLY pre-1965 U.S. silver coins!!! Yes, you read this correctly. For each lot purchased YOU WILL GET A FULL 1/2 POUND (8-full U.S. Ounces) of truly unsearched U.S. collectible silver coinage from this original hoard. Plus this is unheard of for any bonus, "EACH AND EVERY LOT" is guaranteed to contain at least one 100+ year old genuine pre-1904 Morgan Silver Dollar in collectible grade! Folks, if you enjoy copper & nickel coinage as a mix with silver, we may still be offering our mixed lots as well as other new lots in our other listings. Again this deal is for PRE-1965 U.S. SILVER COINS ONLY! Click here!

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