Saturday, April 25, 2015

23 Apple Watch Apps You Should Add Now

Your Apple Watch is here, and your wrist will never again see the light of day. But before you start flaunting your shiny new watch in front of all of the commoners who weren’t able to preorder one or get it on launch day, you’ll want to load it up with some apps. There are a lot (Apple promised as many as 3,000 apps at launch) to choose from, but these are the ones you might want to check out first. Sports ESPN (free): ESPN for the Apple Watch brings news, live scoring, and updates on your favorite teams to your wrist. You can also get updates on player stats and see which team is up at halftime. image MLB at Bat (free): It’s baseball season, which means trying to surreptitiously check scores on your phone during meetings without being caught by your boss. Or you could look down at your watch and see pitch-by-pitch updates, live scoring, highlights, and more without anyone being the wiser. image StubHub (free): The StubHub app for Apple Watch lets you check for nearby events, notifies you when there are tickets available that are in your price range, and even comes with a countdown clock to get you pumped for your next big game. 13 of the Most Stylish Motorcycles in History Answers Wheels Sponsored  image Travel SPG (free): One of the coolest parts of the Apple Watch is its ability to be used as your room key at Starwood Hotels & Resorts. Not only will you be able to simply hold your wrist up to your door to unlock it, you’ll also be able to check in without having to stop by the hotel’s front desk. image America Airlines (free): It seems like most airlines have an app for the Apple Watch, but the American Airlines app looks to offer the most information at the flick of your wrist. You’ll see the time it takes to get to the airport, where you can pick up your bags when you land, and, of course, show your QR code boarding pass. image Uber (free): With the Uber app for the Apple Watch you can see nearby cabs, request a car, check its status, and even see who your driver is and what kind of car it is. The Top 30 Sexiest Women in the World Answers Today Sponsored  image Money Citi Mobile Lite (free): Citi is one of the first banks to launch its own Apple Watch app. The Citi Mobile Lite app shows you your checking, savings, and credit card balances, as well as your most recent transactions. You’ll also receive notifications whenever your card is used to make a purchase. image Mint (free): Want to make sure you’re not spending too much during the day? Then you’ll want to get the Mint app for the Apple Watch. Mint can help you track your day-to-day spending and suggest a spending limit for you to help you save some cash. image Fidelity Investments (free): With the Fidelity Investments app for the Apple Watch, you can check your stocks at any given moment. You’ll also be able to see how the markets are moving using the watch’s Glance view and get alerts about stock changes. image Social Twitter (free): The Twitter app for the Apple Watch brings all of your 140-character messages to your wrist. Not only can you see messages, you can also compose tweets using voice dictation, as well as favorite and retweet the incoming tweets. image Yo (free): Yes, Yo is still a thing, and believe it or not, it’s become more than just a way to annoy your friends. The Apple Watch app lets you not only “yo” your friends, you can also see their locations. image Instagram (free): Instagram’s Apple Watch app lets you browse your photo stream, get notifications, favorite pictures, and reply to posts with emojis. Just make sure you’ve got your reading glasses on. image Dating Match (free): The app for the Apple Watch lets you send messages to your matches (either canned or dictated), look for people in your area, check your matches, and even view people’s profiles. image OKCupid (free): OKCupid for the Apple Watch lets you find nearby matches, view people’s profile photos, see how well you match with people, and like or pass on potential matches. It’s basically the entire OKCupid experience on your wrist. image Coffee Meets Bagel (free): Coffee Meets Bagel pairs you with a new single person every day at noon. The person is always a friend of someone you know, and you have 24 hours to choose to either like the person or pass. image Productivity Microsoft PowerPoint (free): This app is only useful if you have the companion PowerPoint for iPhone app, but if that describes you, you’ll be able to control your presentations directly from your wrist like some awesome informative James Bond. Pretty neat. image Evernote (free): You know what the Apple Watch would be perfect for? Taking notes. That’s where Evernote for the Apple Watch comes in. With the app, you can dictate notes, see your notes, and create reminders. image Conversion ($1.99): Hey, you know what’s not fun? Converting units of measurement. Want to make it a heck of a lot easier? Conversion for the Apple Watch will convert units for you on your wrist, so you’ll be exchanging euros for dollars and changing meters to feet with ease. image Maps Citymapper (free): Getting around a new city is tough, but with the Citymapper app for the Apple Watch, at least you’ll know when your next bus or train will show up. The app also tells you about service disruptions and at which stop you should hop off to make it to your destination. image History Here (free): A History Channel app that’s about actual history? Now I’ve seen it all. The History Here app for the Apple Watch updates you when you’re within range of a major historical site and provides you with details about what occurred there, on your watch. If only there was more about “Ancient Aliens.” image Fitness RunKeeper (free): With RunKeeper for the Apple Watch, you can track your pace, see how far you ran, and adjust your training interval. If you’re into running or jogging, this is the app to get. image Equinox (free): Equinox members can use the Apple Watch app to schedule classes, look for nearby gyms, and monitor workout progress. image Lifesum (free): Lifesum puts all of your health tips and reminders on your wrist. With the app, you can see your daily activity, get notifications to move around and drink more water, see how many calories you have left to burn, and keep track of the food you ate each day. image

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