Friday, September 28, 2012

Bluetooth Bracelet "Buzz Band" - Vibration, Reject Call Button, White

Never again miss a phone call when wearing this Bluetooth Vibrating Bracelet.

You know how annoying it is to miss a phone call when you had your cell phone on you. From now on, that’s a thing of the past when wearing the Bluetooth “Buzz Band”! Pair your phone or Smartphone through Bluetooth with the bracelet and your ready to go! Every time you receive an incoming call, the bracelet will start vibrating. If you are too busy to pick up the phone, just press the call reject button on the bracelet.

An amazing safety feature built in the bracelet will trigger the vibrate function when your phone is at more than 10 meter from you. Losing your phone is something that won’t happen to you anymore! Made out of super light silicone, you won’t even notice your wearing it around your wrist., weighing only 20 grams.

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