Saturday, July 28, 2012

New 1080P Full HD Media Player (USB, SD, HDMI, AV)

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1080P Full HD Media Player (USB, SD, HDMI, AV) – your quick and easy way to enjoy HD entertainment.

After a long day’s work, nothing’s more relaxing than stretching comfortably on your couch and to enjoy a few hours of your favorite movies. But as usual, you either need to rent DVDs or connect your computer to your home TV to play your digital movie collection. Your choice: expensiveness or inconvenience.

As a perfect solution to such doldrums, this brings you an inexpensive and easy way to enjoy high definition entertainment – the E159, our latest 1080P Full HD Media Player (USB, SD, HDMI, AV).

The E159 supports all of today’s popular multimedia file formats, including Blue Ray quality H.264 codec video, and high fidelity wave format audio files. Whether you are watching a Discovery Channel documentary or listening to your classical music collection, the E159 will excel your needs.

What’s more, it comes with foolproof plug-and-play ease and convenience. No more struggling with file conversion or complicated wiring. Simply plug in your USB flash drive or SD card and start enjoying the HD content right away. It couldn’t be easier.

Offered at an amazing wholesale price, this item is now in stock for single or bulk purchase. Buy a sample today and it ships out within one day.

At a Glance...

  • HD Multimedia player
  • Comes with Component, Composite, and HDMI output connections
  • Easy to use remote control
  • Improved user-friendly menu interface
  • Mini Media Box great for the home, office even holidays
  • Aluminum outer shell, durably constructed and designed
  • No heat risk at all
  • Plug and play device with no special setup required
  • Digital Media Player for TV (or monitors with AV IN)


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