Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Most Advanced Technology in Comfort Footwear

High tech polymers form a durable never before seen Flexnet upper. The upper, made with specially formulated polyurethane material and tested against wear and tear, provides great support, flexibility and breathability to keep your foot cool and comfortable. Combine that with Gravity Defyer's Versoshockª Reverse Trampoline sole and you have a machine that delivers unparalleled comfort and performance. Flexnet shoes have been specially tuned to provide 18-22% energy return: propelling you forward on every step. It is a great shoe for any activity; running, walking or even standing long hours on your feet. In fact, Flexnet shoes are so comfortable you may want to sleep in them. Maybe that is why its our customers' most recommended shoe. Try them today for 30 days—we're sure you're going to love them.

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  1. Not only the look but the comfort of these shoes make them one of the best shoes I've ever worn!

  2. Thanks for spreading info about those running shoes, some dope brands are easily eclipsed by the big players on the market and it's always cool to hunt down something fresh and unknown.