Monday, July 30, 2012

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Ultra Rugged High Definition Digital Sport Video Camcorder (16MP, 1920X1080@30FPS, HDMI, Macro) Cam Camera

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Finally a camcorder for the video enthusiast who wants it all - an inexpensive yet powerful digital camcorder that captures high definition videos in 1080p resolution and doubles as a high quality still digital camera. Not to mention its stunning good looks. This rugged beast of a video camera is lightweight yet tough enough to for the outdoors. It's waterproof! And even comes with a bunch of extra special features like macro functionality for taking highly detailed photos and videos! The C-Shock - The world is yours!

VIDEO QUALITY TO AMAZE! If you're after quality videos, you'll be impressed with what the C-Shock has to offer. 1920 x 1080p resolution video quality at 30 frames per second saved in today's most popular video format - H.264 mpeg-4 codec AVI! In plain English that means, whether you're uploading your videos to the web, sending them to a loved one (grandma?), or viewing it on your PC, you'll have the best chance of watching the video on whatever software player you're already using. Simple huh?

PERFECT FOR ALL OCCASSIONS Whether you're planning to use it for family get togethers or adventurers in the great outdoors, The C-Shock Ultra Rugged HD Sports Camcorder is your best friend for the best still and video camera in its price class! Of note, this rugged beast of a sports videocamera is built solid like a rock and even enjoys the ocassional swim - it has a IPX8 rating for waterproofness down to 3 meters for up to 60 minutes at a time. Great for Little Jenny's birthday or white water rafting - The C-Shock is truly a camcorder that loves to go where you go!

ATTENTION TO DETAIL Despite it's rugged good looks and superior design, The C-Shock Sport Camcorder is still at heart a great capture device - meaning it has been embedded with macro lens functioning for details that normally escape the naked eye. It's also a stellar 5MP still digital camera with zoom and plenty of image effects for you to frame your perfect shot or video and sports a 3 inch viewscreen and HDMI connection on top of USB and AV connectivity for a camcorder better than any you'll encounter!

At a Glance...
  • Amazing 1080p videos!
  • Sport ready and waterproof
  • Comes with Macro Functionality
  • 16MP still image camera WOW!
  • H.264 AVI video format - most popular
  • 3 inch viewscreen
  • HDMI connection

Saturday, July 28, 2012

YES! With God, ALL Things Are Possible!

Great discoveries have been made by persons who kept trying after their initial efforts failed. They proved failure can be turned into success by just ONE MORE TRY!

No matter how difficult a problem may appear, I do not become discouraged. I am confident and persistent. I know I do not work alone. All things are possible with God and the spirit of God is within me.

If I have fallen, I am lifted up. If I am lost, the spirit of God within me illumines my mind and shows me the path. I turn within and find new insight, strength and determination. I persist and watch as seeming failure is turns into SUCCESS!

A scripture to remember:

So let us not grow weary in doing what is right, for we will reap at harvest time, if we DO NOT GIVE UP!
-Galatians 6:9

OmniCam - Mini Camcorder DVR Kit (Sony CCD) small Digital video Camera Movie Cam Camera

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Surveillance, or sports action - whatever your purpose, The OmniCam mini video camera DVR kit is your best bet for best video capture results every time!

The OmniCam mini camcorder DVR kit is actually two units in one. First, it's a top of the line extendible 1/3 inch Sony CCD lens and microphone attachment. Second, it's a first class digital video recorder (DVR) + multimedia player. Plug the lens attachment into the DVR body and the world is yours!

Mini / Surveillance Camera: With the mini camera design, the OmniCam lets you easily video capture live music concert footage, live sports events, and collect evidence like a private investigator. Or set the unit to motion record or even timer record, leave the camera in a good location and...

Multipurpose Camcorder: A fraction the weight and size of other camcorders, The OmniCam is a pleasure to use for endurance video filming events like weddings and birthdays parties. More importantly, The OmniCam records in high definition 30 frames per second AVI file format, so it will treasure your memories as much as you do!

Multimedia Player: Because life should not be all work and no play, The OmniCam is also a sensational multimedia player that effortlessly plays the following video, audio, and photo file formats: AVI, MP3, WAV, and JPG.

Design Excellence: It's hard to see in pictures how well built The OmniCam is, but the fact is - The OmniCam is one of the most well-constructed, well-designed mini camcorders on the market today. It has an exceptionally user-friendly menu system: Just rotate the knob on top of the unit to conveniently cycle through camcorder mode, MP4 player mode, and others!

What should I do next? Well, if you're shopping for an outstanding all-purpose action sports camera then you'll be really happy if you click "Add to Cart" right away and in a few days you'll be the very satisfied owner this amazing mini camcorder DVR kit.

At a Glance...
  • Records 30 frames per second high definition AVI files
  • Supports up to 32GB TF/MicroSD cards
  • 1/3 inch SONY CCD lens!
  • Adjustable loop record function
  • Instant record, motion record, and timer record

Action Sports Helmet Camera (30FPS) Helmetcam Action video Extreme Cam Camera

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Capture all your sports actions with this Helmet Camera! Able to record digital video at a resolution of 640 x 480 (VGA) at 30FPS, this lightweight, compact helmet cam is the right one for you. Imagine a game of paintball where all the intensity of every shot is recorded for everyone else to enjoy over and over again. Or, record yourself jumping from the plane, going in to freefall and skydiving!

Whatever outdoor sports you love, this camera records it all. Easy to mount and fasten on a standard helmet, the helmet-cam puts you right in the middle of the action. Simply insert an SD card into the helmet camera and begin recording, it's that simple! BMX, Downhill, Motocross, Skiing, Snowboarding, Climbing, Abseiling, ATV, you name it - this helmet camera records it all! Now you can show all your friends and family incredible POV footage from your adventures - share your stunts, jumps, races and best sporting moments. Make yourself the star each and every time.

Great helmet cam functionality and an unbeatable factory-direct price make this Action Sports Helmet Camera a great choice for outdoor sports enthusiasts, those who enjoy two and four wheel vehicle action and those who enjoy fast action games like paintball.

At a Glance...
  • Action Sports Helmet Camera
  • Records at 640 x 480 resolution
  • Captures the outdoors action at 30 frames per second
  • Great for outdoor sports and activities such as two or four wheel vehicle racing, skiing, biking, rockclimbing, paintballing and skydiving.

New 1080P Full HD Media Player (USB, SD, HDMI, AV)

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1080P Full HD Media Player (USB, SD, HDMI, AV) – your quick and easy way to enjoy HD entertainment.

After a long day’s work, nothing’s more relaxing than stretching comfortably on your couch and to enjoy a few hours of your favorite movies. But as usual, you either need to rent DVDs or connect your computer to your home TV to play your digital movie collection. Your choice: expensiveness or inconvenience.

As a perfect solution to such doldrums, this brings you an inexpensive and easy way to enjoy high definition entertainment – the E159, our latest 1080P Full HD Media Player (USB, SD, HDMI, AV).

The E159 supports all of today’s popular multimedia file formats, including Blue Ray quality H.264 codec video, and high fidelity wave format audio files. Whether you are watching a Discovery Channel documentary or listening to your classical music collection, the E159 will excel your needs.

What’s more, it comes with foolproof plug-and-play ease and convenience. No more struggling with file conversion or complicated wiring. Simply plug in your USB flash drive or SD card and start enjoying the HD content right away. It couldn’t be easier.

Offered at an amazing wholesale price, this item is now in stock for single or bulk purchase. Buy a sample today and it ships out within one day.

At a Glance...

  • HD Multimedia player
  • Comes with Component, Composite, and HDMI output connections
  • Easy to use remote control
  • Improved user-friendly menu interface
  • Mini Media Box great for the home, office even holidays
  • Aluminum outer shell, durably constructed and designed
  • No heat risk at all
  • Plug and play device with no special setup required
  • Digital Media Player for TV (or monitors with AV IN)


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ocean Snapper - Underwater Scuba Mask with DVR (2GB) Scuba Water Proof resistant Cam Camera

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Keep your hands free as you dive with the Ocean Snapper DVR scuba mask! This dive mask comes with an integrated waterproof digital video and still camera that captures videos at 640 x 480 (30 FPS) in computer friendly AVI format, and takes still photographs at 2MP.

The Ocean Snapper Operates at depth of up to 3 meters and eliminates the need to carry an underwater camera along with you. The Ocean Snapper is a great scuba accessory, and is ideal for pools, shallow reefs, scuba diving and free diving where underwater visibility is clear.

Capturing video and taking still photographs underwater has never been easier. The Built-in DVR camera can also be detached easily for more mobility and convenience. This super cool underwater DVR & scuba mask combo also comes with two LED flash lights for improving visibility underwater when taking photos or recording videos.

The Ocean Snapper also comes with a built-in pop-up viewer that makes it easy to center your subject in the middle of the frame; thus giving you the upper hand in achieving pro-like video, to later upload on Youtube or Facebook to share with all your friends.

The CVMG-DV31 is built with hard ABS, flexible high quality rubber, and tempered glass for excellent underwater vision. This really cool scuba gear accessory with a built in image and video camera is in stock now and available at a factory direct wholesale price from Chinavasion.

At a Glance...

  • Under water photography
  • Great fun for the whole family
  • Scuba diving mask and Detachable camera
  • Easy to use

Gnarly HD - 1080P High Definition Sports Action Camera with LCD (Fully adjustable and secure

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The newly upgraded Gnarly HD Full HD: now with an even wider angle lens, rugged casing and 3 mounting options- Go BIG or go home!

The Gnarly HD is designed for hardcore skaters, bikers, base jumpers, snowboarders or anyone who wants to capture high definition videos of their most extreme moments. What makes this sports action camera one of our most impressive yet?

Stunning Video
When you’re going all out, why settle for anything less? The Gnarly HD provides crisp, colorful, and true to life full HD (1080P) video that you can proudly edit into your next full length video, demo tape or simply upload to YouTube and gain the exposure you deserve. The lens even rotates 90 degrees in both directions and comes with a built-in viewfinder, so you can get the perfect viewing angle every time.

Rock Solid Mounting Options
  • 1- Helmet camera mount- Fully adjustable and totally secure.
  • 2- Strap Mount- Get creative and place it just about anywhere imaginable.
  • 3- Bicycle mount- Secure handlebar mount for race, BMX or mountain biking.
Rugged and Ready
Whether you’re dropping off an 80ft cliff onto that fresh powder, skimming the edge of a mountain in your wingsuit, or jumping those sick mountain bike gaps, the Gnarly HD will help you capture it all without thinking twice. That’s because the Gnarly HD is constructed from durable rubberized material that’s capable of withstanding most mild to medium impacts without fault. You might have a broken arm, but at least you’ll still have a working camera and a hardcore bail captured on video!

Time to Go BIG
It doesn’t matter if you’re riding pro already or simply want to become the next Haffey, Pastrana or White. If you are serious about your sport then the Gnarly HD is for you. Sure the Gnarly HD costs more, but it’s worth more.

         At a Glance...
  • Top-of-the-line 1080P HD action camcorder
  • Wide angle lens - 135 degrees view (just upgraded from 90 degrees)
  • Records directly to SD card
  • Rugged weatherproof casing
  • Comes with 3 versatile mounting accessories
  • HDMI OUT and HDMI cable included
  • Comes with two batteries, car charger and home charger
  • Factory direct price makes it ideal for resale

Friday, July 13, 2012

World Travel Adapter with USB Charging Port

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World Travel Adapter with USB charger for use at any time and at any place. This adapter's 3-in-one design fits most common outlet styles in the world and is great for use both at home and abroad.

With this one universal wall adapter, you eliminate the need of bringing any other chargers with you when traveling. The adapter includes USB charging along with adjustable power plugs which can be modified to fit the Australian (AU), European (EU), American (US), and United Kingdom (UK) outlet style. It can be used in over 150 regions worldwide, including in your favorite travel destinations like: France, Italy, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Africa, Brazil, Costa Rica, America, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, etc.

USB Charging:
Mainly for: Mobile phones, PDA, MP3 players, PSP, iPod, iPhone, travel speakers.
Notes: It has a USB power port, which means it will work with about any device that charges through a USB that you can think of.

AC Charging:
Mainly for: Laptops, netbooks, DVD players.
Notes: This is not just for the traveler. With a 100-250 volt output, you can pretty much charge anything at home or in the office that feeds on AC power, like all of those China manufactured electronics you have.

If you're looking for that one device to make your life and travels easier, then this world travel adapter with USB charger definitely won't disappoint.
At a Glance...
  • Travel adapter that works with outlets for over 150 countries around the world
  • Eliminates the need to carry multiple adapters
  • Can simultaneously charge devices through the USB and power sockets
  • Compact size for max portability